Dr. Klaus Vernie

Klaus is a partner in Competence as a Service and consults on strategy and corporate transactions. This includes accompanying strategic realignment, searching for suitable targets or investors and the monitoring of transactions. In addition, he is a specialist in locating, recovering and securing “Hidden Treasures”.
Klaus draws upon over 20 years of professional experience in the semiconductor, IT and telecommunications sectors. In addition to his partnership with CaaS, he is a management partner at DaGama Sourcing & Consulting GmbH. Previously, as Executive Vice President of M&A at T-Systems International, he was responsible for the acquisition (including debis Systemhaus) and sale of subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, assisting major outsourcing ventures, as well as designing and assessing concepts for offshore.

Training and Professional Experience

2016 to present:
Competence as a Service (Partner)

2004 to heute:
DaGama Sourcing and Consulting (Managing Director)

1999 to 2004:
T-Systems International (M&A Manager)

1993 to 1999:
Deutsche Telekom AG Network & Product strategy and Corporate Business Development

1986 to 1993:
Institute for Electronic Technology Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (Research Assistant)

1980 to 1986:
Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (Degree and PhD in Electronic Technology)