Target Search 4.0 – digitally supported identification of potential anchor targets and add-ons

We don’t just preach digitization, we also implement it in our consulting work. The latest result is our digitally supported company search “Target Search 4.0”.

With it, we combine years of M&A expertise with automated data scraping. This allows us to generate comprehensive evaluations of relevant participants in a defined target market in high quality in just a few days. The results of the initial projects speak for themselves: in less than 10 days, we not only identified over 90% of the industry companies identified through years of research, but also identified over 50% of additional relevant market participants.

Special thanks to Nils Hasselmann and Dr. Klaus Vernie for co-developing this new approach!

To learn more about what’s behind Target Search 4.0 and how you can benefit from it, please refer to the attached document “Target Search 4.0 Draft english (printready)” or feel free to reach out to us directly.